Project Quake Turkey

Thank you very much everyone for your support to the Turkish community. (Update 27/05/2023)

We have received €1.726,04 in donations, of which €1.225 have addressed the applications we have had from fellow ESTIEMers by providing them clothing, connectivity and safe accommodation. The transfers’ fees due to the difference in currency have been of 1,56%.

The remaining €481,88 € have been sent to Ahbap Derneği, a Turkish association where one of our fellows volunteers and which follows the aim set for this fund at a on-the-field level.

For all donors, the IEM Caring Foundation holds ANBI status. If you need a receipt for your donation for tax purposes, please do not hesitate to contact Ida (

Mark your calendars for Virtual IEM Caring Convention!

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Let’s keep changing the world with one tree at a time!

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Fellows meeting in Lage Mierde, The Netherlands.

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